Community Consultation

Throughout the design process, the Project Team has engaged in community consultation to inform the local community and other stakeholders about the Project and to provide opportunities for anyone interested in the Project to ask questions or provide information to the Project Team. This process has included:

  • Meetings with landowners and residents of the area
  • Focus Group meetings with various organisations and groups interested in Project-CAES Larne, NI
  • Meetings with public representatives
  • Presentations to the members of Larne Borough Council
  • Public consultation events at various locations in the Larne area, including Islandmagee, Glynn Village and Larne Town Centre.
  • Receiving submissions and answering queries received via the Gaelectric website ( or through this Project-CAES Larne, NI website.

Consultation materials have included written communications, information boards used at community consultation events, practical demonstration of various aspects of the Project, and information booklets provided at each community consultation event.

In addition, an information leaflet on the Project, as required under Annex VI(5)(a) of the TEN-E Regulation (347/2013), and a non-technical summary, as required under Annex VI(6)(b) of the TEN-E Regulation (347/2013), reflecting the current status of the Project are also being provided. These documents are available here:

Project Information Leaflet [download link]

Non-Technical Project Summary [download link]

Information provided at each round of community consultation is available here:

First Round of Community Consultation

April 2012

Second Round of Community Consultation

September 2013

Third Round of Community Consultation

November 2013

Fourth Round of Community Consultation

March 2014

Fifth Round of Community Consultation

June 2014

Sixth Round of Community Consultation

August 2015

Seventh Round of Community Consultation

October 2015